Reasons why you should buy a custom remanufactured cart from us and why The Cart Collection is Broward County's premier dealer: 

  • Reason 1:  You save thousands vs buying new and you choose every option

  • Reason 2:  The Cart Collection builds Club Cars that are 2014 or newer.

  • Reason 3:  The cart collection only uses the highest-quality, most trusted and tested parts brands. Most Parts are made in the USA

  • Reason 4:  All of our carts come with brand new batteries from Trojan Battery or can be upgraded to our RoyPow Lithium Packs.

  • Reason 5:  Our Trojan batteries come with a 2 year warranty and our RoyPow Lithium come with a 5 year warranty. We only use the best.

  • Reason 6:  If you buy a cart from us and something breaks under warranty, we come pick it up, fix it and bring it back to you.

  • Reason 7:  Your cart comes with a warranty from Electric Warranty Group which is the only nationwide golf cart extended warranty group. Carts come with 1 year warranty and can be extended at the time of purchase.