EZGO Storm - White

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Cart Description & Options

Built in 2021

▪︎EZGO TXT 2016
▪︎Storm Body Kit- White
▪︎Storm Light Kit includes:
-LED lights
-LED Day time running lights
-LED Turn Signals
-Hazard lights
-Brake lights
▪︎Trojan T-875 Batteries 2020 (2 year warranty)
▪︎6 Inch HD Lift Kit
▪︎Heavy Duty Leaf Springs
▪︎14 Inch Matte Black Rims W/ All Terrain Tires
▪︎Genesis 300 Rear Seat Kit
▪︎DoubeTake Extended Top (covers all 4 seats)
▪︎Rear Built in Cooler
▪︎Rear Cup Holders
▪︎Executive Seats Front & Rear - Tobacco
▪︎Tinted Windshield
▪︎Voltage Reducer
▪︎Voltage Meter
▪︎USB Charger
▪︎LED Side Mirrors
▪︎Xtreme Diamond Mat in Black
▪︎Gussi Italian Steering Wheel Black
▪︎Seat Belts Front & Rear
▪︎EZGO Charger
▪︎1 Year Warranty
▪︎2 Year Battery Warranty

Cart Details


21 mph



Rim & Tire

14 inch with street tires

Ride Height

6 Inch HD Lift Kit

Year Built


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