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We Service Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami Dade County.

Mosts Parts Made in the USA


Lift Kits

  • 4 inch or 6 inch

  • MJFX HD A-Arm Lift kit

  • All Sports A-Arm Lift Kit (Made in the USA)

golf cart lift kits

New Body Replacement

  • OEM Body Colors

  • OEM Metallic Colors

  • DoubleTake Colors



golf cart bodys

Rims & Tires

  • 8-14 Inch Rims

  • Street Tires 

  • All Terrain Tires

golf cart rims, golf cart tires

Rear Seat kits

Dont let the Florida weather ruin your seat frame. The salt air and acid rain we experience though out the year can take a toll on your seat frame. Most the rear seats manufacturers make are made of steel which can rust quickly. The rear seats we use are made of aluminum and reinforced plastic composite. 
(Aluminum does not rust but it is prone to corrosion when exposed to weathering and atmospheric oxygen)

golf cart rear seat, rear seat kits

Seat Cushions

  • Doubletake seats

  • Suite Seats

  • Lazy life seats

  • Custom seats (special order)

golf cart seats, double take seats

Roofs / Tops

  • 60 Inch Short Top 2 Passenger

  • 80 Inch Long Top 4 Passenger

golf cart roofs, golf cart tops

Sentry Dash

  • DoubleTake Sentry Dash

  • Base Color Black or Sand

  • Locking center console 

  • Color matching accents​

sentry dash

Steering Wheels

  • Gussi Italian steering wheels 

golf cart steering wheel

Sound Systems

  • Play your favorite music through Bluetooth. LED lights, Waterproof. Mounted to roof struts in front.


  • USB Charger Installed in Dash

  • Charge any accessory from your cart

golf cart usb

Voltage Meter

  • Voltage Meter Installed in Dash 

  • Always know how much charge your cart has left.

golf cart voltage meter

Breez Easy Fan

  • Keep cool in the florida heat

  • Variable speed control 

  • Universal mounting on dash or roof

  • 2 automotive style adjustable louvered vents with 2 Large air inlets for increased airflow

  • Puts out 310 cubic feet of air per minute

golf cart fan

Heavy Duty Leaf Springs

  • Heavy Duty Leaf Springs Installed in Rear

  • Allows your cart to carry more weight in the rear. Recommend for 4 passenger carts, Work carts and carts with rims.

golf cart leaf springs

High Speed Motor Kit

  • 24-30 MPH

  • New High Speed Motor 5kw

  • New 600 amp Controller

  • Speed sensor/motor temperature harness

  • Mounting plate and hardware

  • Motor phase cable

  • On-The-Fly programmer

  • Cart lockout with Bluetooth 

High Speed 

Controller Kit

  • 24-26 MPH 

  • New 500 amp Controller

  • New 500 amp Solenoid

  • New 4 gauge Battery Wire

  • New 4 gauge Motor Wire

Golf Cart Controller

High Speed Code for Club Car Precedent

  • 19-21 MPH

  • Programed to Stock Controller 

  • Program is Direct from Club Car 

  • (no damage to cart or motor)

  • Carts sold for normal golf use are programed to go 14 mph from the factory

golf cart programmer

Windshield Wiper

  • Hand use windshield wiper

golf cart windshield wiper

Battery Charger

  • Club Car Precedent 48 Volt Battery Charger

golf cart charger

Stock Motors

  • Stock Motor for 48 Volt Club Car Precedent 

  • Max speed is 19-21 mph (with high speed code)

club car motor


  • Side Mirrors W/ LED Lights (upgrade)

  • Side Mirrors 

golf cart mirrors

Alpha Body Street

  • Fits Club Car Precedent, Tempo, Onward

  • Alpha Body with Black honeycomb Street grill

  • Color options: RED, BLUE, BLACK, White

  • Color matched hood scoop (upgrade)

Alpha golf cart body kit

Alpha Body Offroad

  • Fits Club Car Precedent, Tempo, Onward

  • Alpha Body with Chrome or Black offroad grill

  • Color options: RED, BLUE, BLACK, White

  • Color matched hood scoop (upgrade)

Alpha golf cart body kit

Doubletake Phantom 

  • Fits Club Car Precedent, Tempo, Onward

  • Doubletake Phantom 

  • All Doubletake colors options

phantom golf cart body kit