Reasons why you should not buy a golf cart from Craig’s List, Facebook, eBay and other online marketplaces

 Do you really want to buy A cart that someone built in their garage?


  • Unfortunately most of the golf carts you see on Facebook marketplace and Craigslist are for sale by guys who build carts in their garage or backyard with the sole intent of making the most profit. This unfortunately makes them buy older carts and cheaper parts.

  • So you buy a cart from a guy on Craig’s List or Facebook who delivers it to your house. You drive it for a week and realize it is not working the way it should. What do you do now?

  • Did the seller provide you a warranty?

  • Do you even know where the seller lives or works?

  • Did the seller answer your call after the purchase?


  • That’s why people call us to solve their cart problems everyday. We pick it up and fix it for them. But they should of bought a cart from us in the first place. Our service center loves customers who bought a shiny new cart online and now need repairs.

 Golf carts being sold as “ALL NEW” are often older than they look.


  • Listings for a golf cart that doesn’t show the year the very first question you should ask yourself is why? The reason any information is deliberately omitted is because that will not help the cart sell​.

  • The electrical system, brakes, steering, motor, wiring, controller, switches and frame are untouched.

  • Buying golf carts that are older than 7-8 years is an unnecessary gamble

 Most refurbished golf carts being sold use inferior parts.


  • Underneath the shiny body, behind the new wheels, are parts. Like anything there’s cheap parts and quality parts. People flipping golf carts online are not using high-end parts. Sometimes we see new parts but they are normally poor quality and are made in china. 

 Most carts being sold online are cheaper brands.


  • Like the model year, golf cart listings often don’t tell you who made it. 

  • Manufactures go out of business or stop production on models 

  • Parts on discontinued carts can be hard to come by

  • Speed upgrades on older models with 36 volts systems can be costly to upgrade

 Using cheap batteries is a huge mistake.

  • Golf cart batteries are the heart of the cart

  • Many of the golf cart listings brag about having “new batteries”. What you should know is there is a broad range of quality in golf cart batteries.

  • The carts we service that are purchased online mostly have low-quality, cheap batteries. We only use Trojan batteries that carry a 2 year manufacture warranty. Our Customers can also upgrade to a lithium battery pack.

  • You should not to buy a used cart online without seriously asking a lot of questions and have a golf cart technician check it out

So you can buy your backyard frankenstein cart on the internet? Or you can buy a cart collection customized golf cart made just for you. 

Stop in and visit our showroom and design center.